Eliza McBride is a mouse from England, & one of the main heroes in The Mouse Avenger's GMD fanfiction stories. Voiced by Lacey Chabert, Barbra Streisand, Sheila E., and Debbie Harry, Eliza is a very decent mouse (if not a little over-temperamental), & may be approached without caution despite her flaws.

Eliza McBride
Eliza McBride, the eldest McBride sister

Full Name

Elizabeth "Eliza" Thornberry Blanca McBride

Date Of Birth / Birthplace

July 6, 1881 / London, England, UK





Voice Actor

Lacey Chabert (speaking) / Lacey Chabert, Barbra Streisand, Sheila E., and Debbie Harry (singing)

Height / Weight

1 inch, 23 centimeters / "101 oz."


Actress, singer, dancer, songwriter, performer, artist, playwright, choreographer, drummer, & ringleader of the Little Women

Marital Status

Single (but when she grows up, she will marry her boyfriend); heterosexual



Astrological Sign


Appearance Edit

Tall, & very thin. Has mahogany fur, chestnut-brown hair, bright blue eyes, a little pink nose, & curvy pink ears. Wears a fuchsia pillbox hat, a lime green T-shirt (with a red peace sign on it), & blue bell-bottoms. Doesn’t wear shoes.

Family Edit

Biography Edit

The oldest of four children, Eliza McBride was born to Andrew McBride (a photographer) & his wife Sally (an author of children’s stories & former lighthouse keeper) in London, England on July 6, 1881. During her childhood, Eliza was a very precocious girl, always wanting to show off her talent for singing & dancing, as well as acting. As soon as her three sisters Gadget, Julie, & Jane were old enough, they were immediately hired to be in her group The Little Women (which Eliza had named after a book she had read). The four McBride girls starred in local talent shows by performing music & plays Eliza had written.

Later, in 1889, shortly after her adoptive brother Ratigan became evil, the McBride family decided to travel all around the United Kingdom, looking for their long-lost loved one. As Sally & Andrew looked for Ratigan, Eliza & the girls decided to use the constant moving around to their advantage. The Little Women then became a traveling group, performing for rodents in various cities.

Almost 9 years later, Eliza & her family moved to Andrew’s hometown of Manchester to try & find Ratigan one last time. And imagine their surprise when they found him, along with the Baker Street Family! The McBrides, Eliza included, immediately moved with the Baker Street Family to their home in London, where they can be seen today. Eliza & her sisters continue to perform as the Little Women, though they now also do movies & TV shows in addition to plays & musical projects.

Though a generally sweet mouse, not to mention very nice & polite to others when in good form, Eliza McBride hides her cordial, considerate characteristics behind a façade of brutal domination. Bossy & hot-tempered, this Cecil B. DeMont-type figure wants everything - both on- & off-camera (to be perfect); when on the job, she can be a snappy & constantly-yelling dictator to her younger sisters, & will often fly into a rage when the smallest things go wrong, punctuating her angry words with the most flamboyant of gestures & a polished vocabulary of incensed phrases. Eliza is also notoriously stubborn as a mule, & can’t stand being told what to do; she would gladly spit in the eyes of anyone who dared control her life or even challenged her self-proclaimed authority. Despite these rather nasty touches to her personality, however, Eliza tries her hardest to be a good-hearted, sweet-natured young lady, attempting effortlessly to hide her flaws with the courtesy & amiableness of a well-bred gentlelady.

Well, perhaps “gentlelady” should have been changed to “part-time snob”. Eliza does not care for hanging around outdoors or “away from civilization”, wincing at the thought of even spending the night in a fleabag motel. She urges her family to stay close to the comforts of home, & desperately wishes to remain clean in all ways possible. But Eliza is not completely stuck-up; behind the dark curtains, Eliza’s golden heart shines with a great brightness, & she truly cares for those that a normal snob would consider “unclean”.

Though a tyrannical boss at less-than-desirable times, Eliza is a creative artisan, a star in the making; if she could, she’d write over 1,000 compositions in one day! This talented young starlet can not only sing, dance, & act, but she’s also a skilled playwright & a great sketcher, albeit many other amazing things. Of course, what good is a rising star without a little bit of trendiness? The stylish Eliza is constantly dressed in the latest fashions & listening to the newest musical artists, not to mention catching up on the most recent celebrity gossip (courtesy of her close friend Rebecca). Volatile in personality, Eliza can change from an artistic prodigy to a daffy ditz, ready to grab her purse & head for the nearest mall or beauty salon, wearing makeup & shopping as though she had nothing better to do on a lazy afternoon. Despite her overly-feminine nature, however, Eliza is always eager to go on an adventure or case with her family (& prepared to kick a little villain bum with her excellent kickboxing abilities).

Despite her flaws, Eliza McBride is a very decent mouse (if not a little over-temperamental), & may be approached without caution.

Fursonality Edit

Decent, intelligent, overprotective, stubborn, cute, impulsive, spoiled, cheerful

Fursonal Information Edit

Likes Edit

Celebrity tabloids, reading, visiting friends, singing, dancing, acting, sketching, toys & games, shopping, calling on the phone, fun things, going on adventures, clothes, watching TV, writing music & scripts, cartoons, candy, music, talking, getting gossip, comedy & romance movies, makeup, playing the drums

Dislikes Edit

Gory movies, villains, not being able to perform or have fun, Samantha Stately, scoundrels, being outside of civilization for too long (if at all), violence, rape, having her routine messed up, when her plans are changed, being outdoors, bugs

Talents, Skills, & Abilities Edit

Is an excellent singer, dancer, actress, songwriter, artist, & playwright; good at kickboxing; is very skilled at sketching; is a great drummer.

Pastimes & Hobbies Edit

Talking, reading, visiting friends, singing, dancing, acting, sketching, playing with toys & games, shopping, watching TV & movies, calling on the phone, going on adventures, writing music & scripts, listening to music, getting gossip, reading, playing the drums

Prized Possessions Edit

Her costumes, her props, her videos, her records & CDs, her boom box, her celebrity magazines, her sketchbook, her toys & games, her laptop, her clothes, her cell phone, her pillbox hat, her candy, her cartoon DVDs, her makeup, her drums

Favorite Things Edit

Celebrity tabloids, reading, visiting friends, singing, dancing, acting, sketching, toys & games, shopping, calling on the phone, fun things, going on adventures, clothes, watching TV, writing music & scripts, cartoons, candy, music, talking, getting gossip, comedy & romance movies, makeup, playing the drums

Whereabouts & Frequent Haunts Edit

Performing with her sisters at Lower 221B Baker Street

Particular Habits Edit

Tends to be a spoiled brat at times; can be overdramatic; fusses over the smallest things; tends to be very bossy.

Nicknames, Pet Names, Aliases, & Alternate Monikers Edit


Health Problems / Disabilities / Illnesses Suffered Edit

Colds, the sniffles, chicken pox, mumps

Education Edit

Currently attends Mme. Flaherty's Arts Academy for Boys & Girls, as well as the 10th grade at Basil of Baker Street High School

Extracurricular Edit

Is a champion black-belt kickboxer; her friend Rebecca tells her all sorts of celebrity gossip; has dueled Samantha Stately on numerous occasions; for a long while, her sketching teacher was Fred Sickert; her most favorite singer is Michael Jacksonville; got the idea for her group after reading Louisa May Alcott’s book; once did a temporary “assignment” for Henry Mousini; has an allergic reaction to sunflowers; guest-starred in Lisa B.’s music video for her hit single “Queen”; suffers from insomnia at odd times; her favorite cartoons include “Playtime With Little Mouse” & “The Uncle Mikey Show”; wears fuchsia barrettes; has a soprano voice.

Noted Accomplishments Edit

Has performed in many movies, TV shows, & musicals; has won many awards, including the Golden Gouda; won first place in many art contests.

Fanfics Featuring Eliza McBride Edit

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Memorable Quotes (& Exchanges Of Dialogue) By Eliza McBride Edit

  • "OK, girls, let’s take it from the top!"
  • "Daddy, do I have to come along?"
  • "A 1-2-3-4!"
  • "Let’s make some movie magic!"
  • "Did somebody call for a talented young girl? *wink*"
  • "Cut!"
  • "Don’t get your bloomers in a bundle!"

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Character Modeling History Edit

  • Youlanda Ratigan (Jenny M. Stead's character)
  • Louisa May Alcott
  • Eliza Thornberry (from "The Wild Thorberrys")
  • Anastasia Ashworth

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