Samantha Sherringford is a mouse from England, & one of the main heroes in The Mouse Avenger's GMD fanfiction stories. Voiced by Laura Ann Kesling, Samantha is lively, active, mischievous, playful, & may be approached without caution.

Samantha Sherringford
Samantha Sherringford, the baby

Full Name

Samantha Emily Sherringford

Date Of Birth / Birthplace

July 4, 1893 / Mouse London, England, UK





Voice Actor

Laura Ann Kesling

Height / Weight

1 inch / "56 oz."


None at the moment

Marital Status

Single; heterosexual



Astrological Sign


Appearance Edit

Small, & very thin, slightly plump. Has tan fur, curvy pink ears, a bucktooth, & bright green eyes. Wears a green short-sleeved dress, white bloomers, a diaper, blue shoes, & a red bow in her hair. Can be seen carrying a doll with an Invertness cape and deerstalker cap.

Family Edit

Biography Edit

The youngest child & positively the CUTEST of Ozymandius III and Cassandra. This adorable 3-year-old baby (going on 4) is well on her way to developing her language skills, & just in time for her forthcoming first year of school, although her favorite word is "why?"! She ADORES her "Unca Basi" and is always seen clutching her doll in her arms & carrying it with her wherever she goes. Little baby Samantha is lively, active, mischievous, playful, & eager to join in on her older siblings' adventures.

Fursonality Edit

Lively, active, artistic, creative, mischievous, playful, & eager to join in on her older siblings' adventures.

Fursonal Information Edit

Likes Edit

Rainbow Toys, long, floor-length, loose dresses, footed pajamas, rainbow sherbet ice cream, opals, rainbows, her "Unca Basi", art, drawing & coloring, writing, G-rated movies, going on adventures, toys & games, food, sleeping, baby books, her doll, playing the triangle, bright colors, cartoons, candy, anything that’s fun, playing with toys, rainbow sherbet ice cream, opals, rainbows

Dislikes Edit

Crying, whining, when it's time for the family to go home, villains, bad guys, being taken advantage of, being made fun of, racism, getting hurt or lost, losing her favorite toy, bugs or germs

Talents, Skills, & Abilities Edit

Is an excellent author, triangle-player, & writer; can read baby books upside-down; very good at doing impressions; not a bad artist, either.

Pastimes & Hobbies Edit

Playing with toys, reading, going to slumber parties, singing, dancing, acting, goofing off, shopping, watching movies, making & visiting friends, going on adventures, drawing & coloring, writing, calling on the phone, watching cartoons

Prized Possessions Edit

Her Rainbow Toys, her long, floor-length, loose dresses, her footy pajamas, her crib, her doll, her blanket, her mega-playroom, her color TV, her VCR, her DVD player, her bottle, her videos, her DVDs, her video game consoles, her computer, her video games, her computer games, her TV remote, her VCR remote

Favorite Things Edit

Rainbow Toys, reading, slumber parties, singing, dancing, acting, music, art, shopping, G-rated movies, making & visiting friends, going on adventures, toys & games, bright colors, cartoons, calling on the phone, crime-fighting, candy, anything that’s fun, drawing & coloring, writing, rainbow sherbet ice cream, opals, rainbows

Whereabouts & Frequent Haunts Edit

Playing in her mega-playroom at Lower 221B Baker Street

Particular Habits Edit

Crying when she's hurt or lost; often sneezing during science class (she's allergic to leaves, so she calls it "leafotitis"); asking "why?" all the time.

Nicknames, Pet Names, Aliases, & Alternate Monikers Edit

Sam, Sami, Samie, Samy, Sammi, Sammy.

Health Problems / Disabilities / Illnesses Suffered Edit

Colds, measles, chicken pox, the flu, high fevers, leafotitis, allergies to dust

Education Edit

Currently attends Mme. Flaherty's Arts Academy For Boys & Girls, as well as Basil Of Baker Street Preschool.

Extracurricular Edit

Plays the triangle during Music & Movement; belongs to the Porter clan; other than long, floor-length, loos dresses, likes to wear footed pajamas with zippers, buttons, or snaps; likes opals & rainbow sherbet ice cream; loves to read baby books; her favorite food is baby food; like Olivia Flaversham, has a fixation on Rainbow Toys; likes to stay wil Basil Of Baker Street beacuse she calls him "Unca Basi" because she can't say "Uncle Basil" yet; is allergic to dust & science class (especially leaves, which she creates a cyclone/tornado by sneezing); likes to exercise by doing push-ups; her favorite cheeses are mozzarella, American, and cheddar.

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Fanfics Featuring Samantha Sherringford Edit

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Memorable Quotes (& Exchanges Of Dialogue) By Samantha Sherringford Edit

  • "Unca Basi!"
  • "Why?"
  • "*Ah-ah-ah-choo!*"

Songs Performed By Samantha Sherringford Edit

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Character Modeling History Edit

  • Tagalong (from "Robin Hood")
  • Mindy (from "Animaniacs")

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