The Koratva Dairy-Pub is a mouse bar specializing in dairy-based food & drinks (this sort of establishment is referred to as a "milkbar" or "moloko mesto" by Nadsat-speakers, though the latter term seems to be more popular among rodent-folk); it was built into the basement of an abandoned human's pub in Mouse London [1] (the end, district, & mouse street where the Dairy-Pub is located have yet to be specified). Based on the Korova Milkbar in the controversial cult-classic "A Clockwork Orange", the Koratva Dairy-Pub is a favorite haunt & hangout for teenage rebel Alex DeMaus & his gang of street thugs known as the Mouse Droogs.

History Of The Koratva Dairy-Pub Edit

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Appearance & Design Edit

The Koratva Dairy-Pub, in appearance & design, is quite similar (though not exactly identical) to its human-world counterpart, the Korova Milkbar. The walls of the building are painted a pitch-black all over, decorated in various places with wooden pop-out letters in groovy white font that spell out the names of some of the Dairy-Pub's specialty drinks (e.g., 'Milkplus', 'Moloko Latte', 'Vellocet', 'Synthmesc', 'Drencrom', etc.). The floor of the Dairy-Pub is made out of the cement floor of the human's basement that houses the establishment, but the once-gray ground was covered over with dark-teal paint when the Dairy-Pub was first built, & the floor remains that color to this very day. Going around the perimeter of the Dairy-Pub is a white wooden wainscot positioned just above the floor, at the bottom of the walls. Many electric lightbulbs have been installed inside the Dairy-Pub, filling the building with a soft yellow glow that adds to its relaxed, leisurely atmosphere.

The furniture in the Dairy-Pub is mainly comprised of plush turquoise couches & several white fiberglass statues & sculptures of scantily-dressed mouse ladies in two-piece, maroon-colored "slave-girl" outfits. The statues & sculptures feature the mouse ladies they portray in either "seductive stances" [2] or uncomfortable-looking poses (for example, a few sculptures serving as tables show mouse ladies literally bent-over backwards, with all their paws & feet resting flat on the ground). All the statues & sculptures of the mouse ladies are adorned with silver chains & paw-cuffs that bind their wrists & ankles, as well as garish make-up & large, curly wigs in bright, fluorescent colors (like fuschia, lime-green, or purple).

A number of the statues at the Koratva Dairy-Pub serve as what the patrons call 'moloko-mannequins', which provide drinks to the Dairy-Pub's customers. A coin (usually a half-crown) is inserted into a small slot on the left side of the large, box-shaped stand supporting the moloko-mannequin; then, the customer proceeds to pull the red handle of a lever that's placed right next to the coin-slot, & this causes "special kinds of moloko" [3] to flow from the statues' mouths (in a manner similar to that of a fountain-head or a gargoyle) & into the customers' empty glasses. (These special kinds of moloko are elaborated on in greater detail in the following section.)

Food & Beverages Served At The Dairy-Pub Edit

Regular Moloko Edit

"Regular moloko" (i.e., milk without any substances added to it) can be ordered from a Koratva Dairy-Pub waiter / waitress, & is served in a variety of flavors--namely, plain, chocolate, strawberry, & banana. The plain, chocolate, & strawberry flavors of regular moloko are all very popular with the Dairy-Pub's patrons, according to a 1900 customer survey taken by the owners of the establishment, while banana is usually considered to be the least-popular flavor (its overall popularity, in that same survey, was listed as a mere 5%, compared to 29% for strawberry, 30% for plain, & 36% for chocolate).

Milkplus Edit

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Moloko Latte Edit

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Cheese Donuts Edit

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Other Interesting Information About The Dairy-Pub Edit

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GMD Fanfics Featuring The Koratva Dairy-Pub Edit

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References Edit

1, 2, & 3:

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External Links Edit

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